Winter-Spring Campaign 2018

【Campaign period】


Until April 30, 2018


【Campaign Summary】


FX-MATE is 15%! Winter-Spring Campaign 2018! Is underway.
During the campaign period, customers can obtain a 15% deposit bonus of up to 1,500,000 yen (15,000 USD) with new account opening of FX – MATE and deposit of 50,000 yen (500 USD) or more!
Do not miss this opportunity by all means!


【Deposit Bonus Requirement】


1) The 10% Deposit Bonus (the “Program”) will be applied to new customers who have been deposited into FX – MATE trading account.
2) FX-MATE reserves the right to withhold payment bonus payment if customer registration information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. is incorrect.
3)  In order to participate in this program, you need to deposit at least 50,000 JPN / 500 USD / to FX – MATE account. (Excluding the fee charged at the time of transfer)
4) For each customer, payment to participate in this program is only once.
5) We will grant a 15% bonus amount to the deposit amount after deducting the transfer fee.
6) This program accepts up to 10,000,000 JPY / 100,000 USD / payment amount. If you deposit more than that amount, the bonus receipt amount is 1,000,000 JPY / 10,000 USD / any amount.
7) In order for customers to transfer / withdraw their bonus in this program, the following conditions must be satisfied.
(1) Leave the funds in the bonus receiving account for at least 90 days after receipt of the bonus: If you complete the transaction of the necessary lot number after 90 days, you can withdraw money above the profit amount or other account You can transfer money to.
(2) Complete the transaction of the required standard lot.
[JPY case] Required lot = (Receive bonus amount) ÷ 250
[For USD] Required lot = (Receive bonus amount) ÷ 2.5
Example: When you receive it as a bonus of 1,000 USD. When transferring or withdrawing the bonus amount, it is necessary to complete transactions of 1,000 USD ÷ 250 = 400 lots.
Example: When you receive 100,000 yen as a bonus. When fund transfer and withdrawal of the bonus amount, it is necessary to complete transactions of 100,000 yen / 2.5 = 400 lots.
8) If you wish to use in conjunction with another bonus, the holding period of the fund will be 90 days after receiving the most recent bonus. In addition, please be aware that the total number of necessary lots generated in each bonus rule will be provided for the required transaction lot number.
9) Withdrawal / transfer of funds: Within 90 days after receipt of the bonus, you can not withdraw money or transfer funds from the bonus receipt account. When 90 days or more have elapsed, withdrawal and transfer of funds other than the initial funds (deposit amount + bonus amount) will be possible.
10) Unachieved bonus If the balance of the additional account is below the bonus amount and you want to withdraw money from another account, the bonus amount must be left in the withdrawal source account.
11) One lot in this program refers to 100 thousand currency. It does not count for transactions that did not result in profit / loss.
12) The implementation period of this program is until April 30, 2018.
13) In FX-MATE, you have the right to decide the limit period on your own judgment without prior notice. If you move funds or withdraw money without satisfying the bonus withdrawal conditions, the bonus amount will be forfeited.
14) By registering in this program, you agree that FX – MATE may collect, use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes. (A) Bonus payment of this program (b) Presentation of contract terms (c) Presentation of privacy policy
15) In accordance with the terms and conditions below, FX – MATE reserves the right to decline payment of bonuses at the discretion of the program participant without advance notice. If you discover abuse of this program and bonus, you will lose your bonus and close your bank account. In the following cases, the bonus payment will be canceled. (A) When a fake transaction or a fraudulent act is suspected as a bonus receiving / dispensing purpose (B) When an account is managed by a third party In addition to the above, suspicious events such as abuse of this program are found In the case of FX-MATE, we will confiscate and reduce bonuses.
16) This program is only applicable for FX trading.
17) Rights of this program can not be transferred.
18) This program can not be used in conjunction with any promotion which FX – MATE carries out in parallel.
19) FX – MATE reserves the right to change this program terms and conditions at any time. We will notify you on our website if there is any change.
20) This program is based on FX-MATE’s customer consent form.