Deal time

Dealable time and deadline time

The market is traded 24 hours a day in countries around the world, and trading is done in markets around the world even in the time zone when the Japanese market is closed, so it is characterized by basically 24 hours trading However, at our company, we have set up a period of time that we can not use for some purposes, in order to protect customers’ transactions, from the large spike gap in the exchange market (loss caused by spread spread).

MetaTrader 4 deal time

The time that customers can trade at MetaTrader 4 will change as follows according to winter time and daylight saving time (US summer time). Switching to daylight saving time will be announced at our website etc. Please note that due to a sudden change in economic situation etc., the transaction time may be changed, and part or all of the transaction may be suspended.

(*)Full year, from 2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in the U.S. (USA) will be daylight savings time, New York Close will be up one hour from 7am on normal time Japan and will be 6am.