Swap / Rollover

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In FX trading, procrastination is called “rollover” without posting the held position (position) that it holds, and at that time “swap point” which is the interest differential adjustment amount occurs every day To do.

Swap point

“Swap point” refers to the difference in interest differential between two currencies arising from the number of holding days of the transactions of two types of currencies with different interest rates (for example, US dollar and yen), and an unsettled open position (position) It occurs every day from the next business day we held.
“Swap point” It changes from time to time according to the market interest rate reflecting the financial situation due to various factors such as political and economic trends of each country. Therefore, the amount of payment for swap points fluctuates depending on the interest rate trends and the like from time to time.

Swap points that change depending on currency and world situation

As “swap points” change daily due to interest rate conditions, price trends and other various financial conditions of currency pairs to be traded in transaction currency pairs, not only the amount of receipt (payment) may decrease (increase) The payment may be reversed, and the swap point that was initially received may be paid, and the swap point that was paid may be received.

Roll over

Raising the settlement without having to settle the held position (position) is called “rollover” and this “rollover” will be done at the time of closing the New York market. (In the case of daylight saving time, it will move up by 1 hour) At this point, rollover will be done and swap points will be added to open positions.

Rollover time

[Japan time] 7: 00 (in case of daylight saving time: 6: 00)

【MetaTrader 4 hours】 0:00

The open positions held over the above time are subject to rollover and the swap points are displayed in your account within one hour and are recorded as account assets.