Spread / Transaction fee

Realize the highest quality spread and the industry’s lowest transaction fee

Realize the highest quality spread and the industry’s lowest transaction fee
In the FX-MATE, an important point in the FX service, without the burden of unnecessary cost to the traders, we believe is to provide an environment in which to concentrate on trade.
Therefore, in the company, liquidity providers (LiquidityProviders) and prime broker in the world (PrimeBroker), multilateral trading market (Multilateral Trading Facility), in partnership with the liquidity provider, such as aggregators, has achieved the world’s highest quality spreads.
In addition, with regard to transaction fees, and ECN fees $ 2.75 / 1 lot (per order 100,000 currency), we have served in the past overturn the common sense industry of the lowest price level of price.

Variable Spread

In the foreign exchange margin trading of FX-MATE, than cover destinations around the world (liquidity provider, etc.), real-time in response to the offer price, to the order of our customers, we are matching the most favorable price.
Therefore, customers are able to trade at the most positive price at the time of ordering, and it is possible to trade the best use of our merits.

Spread difference by account type

Spreads provided are different for “Standard Account” and “Pro Account” provided with FX – MATE. This is because we divide the fee form according to customer’s trading method. Spread becomes a life if those who do short-term trading like scalping do. To that person, “Pro account” which is a low spread is suitable.

Difference in fee between Standard Account and Pro Account

In ‘Standard Account’ and ‘Pro Account’, trade-related expenses differ.
Since spread is the difference between bid price (ASK) and selling price (BID), it is considered a trading cost for traders.
In the case of “Standard Account”, the transaction fee is free, but it is a standard spread value. In “Pro account”, the spread value is low, but a transaction fee will be incurred.

In this way, the “standard account” in the “pro-account”, or bear the cost involved in the trade in the spread and transaction fees, which method is we are different.
In FX – MATE, spreads and fees for both “Standard account” and “Pro account” are realized at a lower level than other companies in the industry.

Calculation method of transaction fee (Pro account only)

Professional account, because it has reduced the spread levels, separately, transaction fees (ECN fees) is $ 2.75 / 1 lot (100,000 currency per order) will be required. Transaction fees are deducted from trading accounts for each order contract.
If you use an account other than a dollar account, the transaction fee will be converted to the exchange rate at the time of ordering and will be deducted from the account.