Rules of Dealings

About dealings

FX – MATE, several transaction rules are established to ensure the soundness of the trade, the transparency of ordering and execution, and the safety of funds.
Although it is said that it is difficult to understand the terms and conditions of foreign exchange margin trading, even beginners have explained to make it easier to understand. Before the transaction, please confirm the contents, please enjoy a safe trade after understanding.

About Leverage

Leverage up to 100 times

The biggest appeal of FX trading is that you can operate hundreds of times as much money as you can by using “leverage” on cash on hand (margin). In FX – MATE, we offer 100 times leverage to cover a wide range of investment forms such as professional traders and auto traders from beginners. Furthermore, at FX – MATE, there is no leverage limitation by account type or transaction method.

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Spread / Transaction fee

FX industry’s highest quality spreads and commissions realized

FX – MATE declares to offer you the most favorable spread. We have tied up with liquidity providers such as liquidity providers (LiquidityProviders), prime brokers (PrimeBroker) and aggregators around the world to achieve the highest quality spreads. Regarding transaction fees, we also offer ECN fee of $ 3.00 / 1 lot (per 100,000 currency order) and the highest quality of FX industry overturning common sense.

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Deal time

Dealable time and deadline time

Markets are traded 24 hours a day in countries around the world, and trading is done in markets around the world even in the time period when the Japanese market is closed, so it is basically possible to trade for 24 hours However, at our company, we have set up a period of time that we can not use for some purposes, for the purpose of protecting customers’ transactions, due to the large spike gap in the exchange market (loss caused by spread spread). Please check the time zone available on various platforms of FX-MATE.

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Order enforcement policy

Types of orders and rules for enforcement (contract)

We have set up a backbone server at the data center of Colt’s Tokyo, London, and New York, which is the largest in the financial infrastructure in the world, for the comfort of the promised response and the certainty of the closing, therefore, the latency generated at the time of ordering We have a backbone that physically solves and executes the fastest and sure order. Please confirm the enforcement policy at the time of ordering of our company and the rule of contract to support our contracting ability.

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Margin call and loss cut

Margin call and loss cut to prepare for sudden market fluctuations

FX – MATE is subject to margin call · loss cut when the loss on valuation of the margin balance expands and the margin maintenance rate falls below a certain percentage in order to prevent the loss of principal loss. In FX – MATE, the occurrence of the margin call of the standard account / pro account occurs when the margin maintenance rate is 120% or less, and the activation of the loss cut becomes 100% or less of the margin maintenance rate. By quickly responding to the reversal of the market price, we can reduce the decrease in cash on cash.

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ECN Ordering Method

No dealing, no fair and highly transparent deal

FX-MATE, NDD (non dealing desk) method which eliminates operation by all dealing desk is adopted as all account type in order to prevent conflicts of interest with customers. By adopting the ECN (Electronic Communications Network) system in the standard account / pro account, we realize highly transparent transactions with low latency.

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