Method of depositing and withdrawing funds

FX – MATE considers the action of deposit withdrawal as the most important trade factor and promises prompt response.
From years of experience, we are well acquainted with the fact that handling of funds is the key to the most important elements of building relationships of trust with customers. That is why I was sticking to thoroughly quickly.
In addition, in order to keep the safety and confidentiality of customer information at a high level, all guidance on depositing and withdrawing will be announced from the user’s private page “MyFX-MATE” protected by SSL technology.

About using SSL (encrypted communication)
“MyFX-MATE” uses encrypted communication using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in order to exchange data requiring protection, such as customer’s personal information and credit card information.For international remittance within “MyFX – MATE” it will be executed via Assist Pay Company of the money collection agency.
Depending on the contract of the closing date between the credit card company and the customer, the time until the arrival (refund) may be around.
For remittance from overseas banks, fee for receiving banks and transit banks may be charged separately.
It may be around the business day of receiving banks and transit banks.
If you transfer money to a different currency, the exchange rate will apply.

About anti money laundering

Since the simultaneous terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001, the demand for anti-money laundering measures (AML) against financial institutions of national authorities, especially in the United States, is rising. As a company that provides international financial services, the Company conducts business in accordance with the policy of money laundering countermeasure (AML), and deposits and withdrawals thought to be aimed at deposits and account transfer with different names of deposits and accounts We assume the obligation to prevent and report in accordance with our policy and policies against the movement of funds considered to be fraudulent.