Flow to dealings

Online review allows you to trade from the next business day at the shortest

New real account opening of FX – MATE is completed in just 5 steps. All certificates necessary for application are also completed online and the procedure is completed by the next business day at the shortest. Of course, account opening fee and account maintenance fee are not necessary.

Flow until new account opening



Please fill out the application form from online form.

2.Submit Certificate


Please send each one piece of “identity certificate documents” and “address confirmation documents”.

3.Sending account information


We will send you account information and login information to the private area.



Please pay the trade funds to the real account you opened.

5.Start dealings


Install trading tool, it will start trading.

STEP1Please fill in the application form


Please confirm and agree to various regulations of the new real account opening form and enter necessary application matter. Click “Account Open” at the top of the page to go to the account opening form.

STEP2Submission of various certificate documents


Please submit the image data file shot by mobile phone camera etc. online, “each person’s identity certification document” necessary for identity verification and each “current address confirmation document” one by one. (*) Please send the current residence certificate stating the same address as your residence at the time of application.

STEP3Online sending of account information (login information)


We will send real account account information (login information) and private area (MyFX – MATE) login password to your registered e – mail address. Please download / install the trading tool etc. from the URL described in the mail or “MyFX – MATE”.

STEP4Deposit to real account


Please pay the trade funds to the real account you opened with the method of “credit card / debit card” “bank remittance”. (* 2) The transferer name is limited to the same one as the transaction account. Please note that payments from different nominal accounts can not be accepted.

STEP5Start dealings


As soon as payment from the customer is confirmed, dealings become possible. Experience the high-spec trading platform at the cutting edge of FX-MATE.