Account opening required document

Approval is completed simply by sending it online.

In FX-MATE, we request the submission of each one item of “identity confirmation documents (with photos)” and “current address confirmation documents” in order to provide safe and healthy dealings to customers under the direction of supervisory regulatory agencies . For sending of various certificates, please send it to our support desk by e-mail or upload from “new account opening form” and submit.(*1)

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

Identity confirmation document

  • Statement and invoice of utility bill
  • Bank / card usage statement

Address confirmation document (*2)

Identification document (with photo)

As a document to confirm the customer’s identity information, a document containing the customer’s name, birth date, and photograph is required. Certificate documents are “photo ID cards” issued by public institutions such as “driver’s license” and “passport”.

Driver’s license

Please send your driver’s license whose expiration date is within. (If the corrections and changes are described on the back side, the back side is also required)


Please send your passport within the validity period. If there is a change in name, please also send a copy of the “additional note” page containing the new name.

If your face picture is blurred, you may be asked to resend it.
Please send your current residence certificate stating the same address as your residence at the time of application.
Current address confirmation document

 Current address confirmation document(*1)

Documents issued within six months by a third party that describes the current address of the customer as a document for confirming the current address of the customer is required. Documents issued by a third party are the following documents.

Invoices and receipts for various utility charges

Please send utility bills (electricity, gas, water) statement / invoice within 6 months from issue date / date (invoice date / delivery date).

Invoice / receipt for telephone charges(*2)

Please send a fixed phone usage statement / invoice, mobile phone company statement / invoice within six months from issue date (invoice date / delivery date).

Bank · Credit card company usage statement / Invoice (*2)

Please send us your credit card statement / invoice and bank statement details within 6 months from issue date (invoice date / delivery date).

You can use only those in the name of yourself. Even in the case of family members who live together, certificates other than the person’s name can not be used.
When sending an online statement, such as a mobile phone fee invoice, credit card statement, etc., the issuer’s company seal must be clearly printed.

In addition to this certificate, there is a valid document as a certificate according to national regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any questions.