Standard Account

General trader account (transaction fee free)

The standard account will be the most major account of FX – MATE. In order to be widely used from beginner traders to professional traders, from 0.01 lot (1,000 currencies) as a trading unit, reflecting customer’s worries about overseas investment, the initial deposit amount at the time of opening account We have set as low as $ 500.
The standard account is an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) that presents the most favorable price to customers at all times from “Liquidity Providers” (a network of financial institutions such as global banks and securities companies, generally called interbank) ) System is adopted. In this method, because there is no conflict between the customer’s trade and our company’s interests, we will not intervene in the customer’s transaction at all.

We create an environment where we can not perform illegal operations such as pricing operations and refusal of promises, we offer a highly transparent and fair trade infrastructure according to market liquidity.

Leverage 100 times

Minimum deposit  $500

Transaction fee free

Minimum  transactions 1,000 currencies

Features of Standard Account

The standard account is a standard type account that realized low spread spread and free transaction fee.
In general, it is a type of account designed for customers who conduct swing trade or medium- to long-term trading, but we also support automatic trading. In the case of a meta trader account, it is possible to execute automatic trading of MetaTrader 4.

No transaction fee, high quality spread

For standard accounts, the fee per transaction (0 yen), spreads provide very high spread values ​​even compared to other companies. We secure a lot of liquidity from the cover point and post a most advantageous price for our customers to guarantee fair transactions.

Non dealing desk (NDD) + ECN method

To prevent conflicts of interest with customers, FX – MATE employs the NDD (non dealing desk) method for all account types, excluding operations by all dealing desks.
By adopting the ECN (Electronic Communications Network) system in the standard account, we realize highly transparent transactions with low latency.

MetaTrader 4 for each platform

The trading tool of the standard account can be traded from the trading tool of “MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 4)” which has the most adopted record in the world. It supports multiple platforms, it supports not only Windows OS, but also any browser environment. Applications optimized for mobile environment (iPhone / Android) and tablet devices will respond quickly to trader’s hard demands.


Overview of Standard Account

Order method NDD ECN system Electronic Communications Network
Minimum deposit amount Equivalent to $500
Maximum leverage 100 times
Account currency unit JPY (Yen), USD (Dollar)
Account currency type USD,JPY
Account opening / Maintenance fee free

Terms and Conditions

Order unit 0.01lot
Min / Max order quantity Minimum 0.01 liter max. 50 lots
Transaction fee free
Additional margin None (adopt zero cutting system)None (adopt zero cutting system)
Dealable time
Daylight Saving Time: (Monday) 6: 05 – (Saturday) 5: 50 (Japan time)
Winter time: (Monday) 7: 05 – (Saturday) 6: 50 (Japan time)
Margin call Margin maintenance rate 120%Margin maintenance rate 120%
RosscutRosscut Margin maintenance rate 100%Margin maintenance rate 100%
Both transactions Possible