FX-MATE thinks that the important point in FX trading is the difference in the exchange rate, ie spread, that is offered at Ask “Buy” presented at the time of trading and Bid “Sale”. We are aiming at the quality of this spread as No.1 in the FX industry, and the quality is our most important point. Also, we strive to provide the best swap points every day for customers who have long-term currencies.

In order to contribute to the maximization of the transaction revenue of our clients, we constantly tackle new financial institutions and constantly tie-up and coordination with non-bank liquidity providers (liquidity suppliers) called Argo Hedgers.

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At our dealing desk, we need to perform disadvantageous price manipulation and refusal to the customer in order to price a price added to the offer price from Liquidity providers (liquidity provider) and display the price There is none.

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CFD stocks

FX trading and seamless operation are possible because FX-MATE offers all the stock price index / commodity CFD transactions on MetaTrader 4 as a platform. In addition, 24 hours real-time dealings are possible for the world market that changes every moment.
FX-MATE’s CFD trading, which responds to the dynamically changing world economy, will maximize trader’s performance.

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Distribution of stock index suitable for risk diversification

It is said that the stock price index is diversified and is not influenced by the stock price of a specific stock because it invests diversely in all the subject issues, and it is said to be suitable for risk diversification.
The FX-MATE stock index CFD can trade stock indexes around the world 24 hours a day with high leverage.

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