Become an Money Manager

Multi Account Manager(MAM)

FX-MATE’s MAM(Multi Account Manager) system is the best way to attract investments in your trading account. If you do wish to attract investments in your trading account, FX-MATE’s MAM system will make your quest of investors quick and convenient.
GKFX is pleased to offer MAM (Multi Account Manager) accounts for money managers and clients looking for professionals to manage their funds. We developed MAM especially for professionals traders who operate more than one trading account simultaneously and who utilise MT4.We provide technical solutions required for money managers and a technical manager (English) that provides operational support for money managers.

Explore Our Money Manager Program

We understand that diversification may be part of your risk management strategy and that is why we offer multiple products and instruments on MT4. You can trade a variety of instruments including currency pairs, gold and silver

Key Features

  • Unlimited maximum Lot (Because of the liquidity of ECN, it is also possible to do business with institutional investor size account)
  • Allows all ordinary order types
  • Unlimited accounts and deposit amounts under one master account
  • Rapid order response
  • Realtime reporting of trades and commissions per account
  • Support payment between customer and operator
  • Pending orders (stops and limits) functionality

Registration of money manager requires disclosure of past trading records.

MAM Management Application

MAM application provides centralized control interface for the Money Manager.

  • Instant Change of Allocation Parameters
  • Control All the Managed Accounts from a Single Interface
  • Real Time Equity and P&L Monitoring of the Managed Accounts
  • Real Time Control of Open Positions of All the Managed Accounts
  • “Group Order” execution
  • Get Historical Reports and Calculate Commissions

We have an assistant desk dedicated to money manager. If you are interested in the Money Manager program, please do not hesitate to contact us from “Support” at the bottom right of the screen.

FX-MATE does not participate in transaction decisions by external money managers. In addition, we do not have any responsibility regarding the trading strategy or transaction performance of external account managers, and we do not make any warranty.