Become an Introducing Broker(IB)

About Introducing Broker

ご紹介プログラム (IP)

FX-MATE’ partnership program enables introducers to develop their business model using the resources of our dedicated service and support team. The type of support service that we provide is tailored to each of our partners’ requirements and experience level and we offer a fully bespoke service to facilitate a strong business foundation.

FX-MATE partners team are here to give sound advice on client management, business development and marketing campaigns, as well as all aspects of the relationship that will enable partners to achieve their goals. We are selective in the number of partners we work with and seek to ensure that each partnership is founded upon mutual support and co-operation.

IB Program


IB program gives you the opportunity to attract clients to trade in financial markets and receive commission from IFC Markets as reward for your work.

Clients Management Tool for IB

IB of FX-MATE are issued with a personalized web page, including built-in introducer tracking links that keep clients automatically assigned under your introduction. This page links to (fully tracked) live account, demo account, funding and FAQ information.

We have an assistant desk dedicated to IB. If you are interested in the introduction · broker · program, please do not hesitate to contact us from “Support” at the bottom right of the screen.

We respond to inquiries about IB within 24 hours (business day). Since there is a possibility that the contents of inquiry have not been sent normally if there is no answer more than 2 business days, please contact us at