About Partner program


FX-MATE prides itself on providing its introducing partners with the key support and services necessary to build a strong client base and a competitive revenue stream.
We work to ensure that our valued partners have everything they need to be as successful as possible.
We are experiencing that it is more important than ever for our company to develop success together with many people in partnership.We offer three partner programs according to your business form. Please participate in the industry highest standard partnership program provided by FX-MATE.

Introducing Brokers(IB)

Our Introducing Brokers(IB) programe enables our partners to be rewarded for introducing clients whilst simultaneously increasing their introducing partner profile. The service optimizes our leading online retail and corporate trading facilities by providing bespoke solutions for our business partners. Through our professionally managed partnership service we offer a complete front-to-back office support infrastructure, as well as full business strategy and marketing consultancy.

We consider IB to be in the same position as valued customers, we will back up IB activities with full effort so that novice IB activity will obtain satisfactory results.

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Money Manager

FX-MATE’s MAM(Multi Account Manager) system is the best way to attract investments in your trading account. If you do wish to attract investments in your trading account, FX-MATE’s MAM system will make your quest of investors quick and convenient.

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