New Year’s Holiday

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of FX-MATE.
We will inform you about the opening hours and notes on dealings as follows.


【About business hours】


The opening hours schedule details for the year-end and new year are as follows.
December 27 – 31 Normal business
1/1 pause
January 2 JST (JST) 07: 10 ~ Regular business
Normal business after January 3


【Notes on New Year’s holiday dealings】


As the year-end and New Year holidays will be partially closed from the main market, liquidity will decline, so the price will fluctuate rapidly and the spread (the difference between the offer price and the bid price) will expand greatly.
In addition, there is a possibility that the stable price can not be presented.

For this reason, there is a high possibility that a divergence (slippage) occurs between the customer’s order price and the contract price and the order does not declare.

We are sorry to inform you that please be careful about dealings and position management.