FX – MATE was founded in 2017 by engineers and elite investors who foresaw that the global market will become more modern.

For many of FX companies, the profit of FX companies depends on customer profits and losses. In order to be able to share long-term profits with customers, we have set the philosophy of “Creating a transparent financial society”.

By fusing traders and engineers, we have created an environment that makes it even easier to trade. With the know-how of system development, we started a project to provide services for individuals and corporations.

We consistently considered the customer’s desire to be top priority and established a bank in Gambia. Get a MetaTrader license from there. After preparations such as acquiring a financial license, in 2017, we launched the state-of-the-art platform “FX-MATE” linking currency markets and traders.
I am extremely pleased to have provided innovative and transparent Forex services to everyone.



FX-MATE (Bank of Earth Ltd) is regulated by the enterprise zone of Gambia. (Registration number 5016699)
We are legally obliged to comply with all GAMBIA laws and regulations.
It is a company that provides financial services (Forex, CFD, commodity, index, broker hedge, various cards, fund management, money management) to the international market besides the banking function of the head office function.
FX-MATE constantly develops and provides innovative services based on the philosophy of “creation of a transparent financial society”, “transformation and challenge to the financial industry” and “customer first principle”.

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FX-MATE offers high-quality customer support to customers all over the world.
Our support will deal with any customer’s inquiries. We support all possible areas in dealing with us such as FX mechanism, application (Trading tool) operation method, usage of WEB service, technical problem, deposit / withdrawal etc.
If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

▶ Contact us (Support)