High Quality Spread

Compared to other companies, always offer high spread / fee

FX-MATE thinks that the important point in FX trading is the difference in the exchange rate, ie spread, that is offered at Ask “Buy” presented at the time of trading and Bid “Sale”. The spread will be the difference between the “selling” and “buying” exchange rates.
The narrower the spread, the more it is convenient for the transaction. However, we are committed to the contract quality in order to give investors a fair trade. It is not an exaggeration to say that it depends on the contract quality to determine whether a true spread is obtained. Spread that can not be seen (slippage), it is hard to say that it is a narrow spread in the real sense if the contract is refused. Spread quality is one of our most important points.
In FX-MATE, the following points are implemented so as to provide stable and high – quality spread to customers.
Secure transparency and liquidity

Secure transparency and liquidity

FX-MATE, we disclose all the financial institutions of cooperating cooperatives and we keep in mind high transparency transactions.
In addition, we are constantly seeking partnerships with new financial institutions and non-banking liquidity providers (liquidity suppliers) called Argo Hedgers. This is because it is considered that it is indispensable for providing advantageous spreads to customers by expanding cooperation with financial institutions, because the affiliated financial institutions have various time slots and currency pairs that are advantageous I will.


(*)LMAX Exchange is MTF (Online Private Exchange) accredited by UK FCA (Financial Behavior Monitoring Organization)

Reduction in spreads and transaction fees

FX-MATE, “standard account” marked up as a commission for several pips for the price presented from the cover. “Pro account” will receive a separate transaction fee of “$ 2.75 / 1 lot” separately.
Some malicious FX brokers, such as doing opaque markups on prices for profit, or manipulating market prices, are also available, but at FX-MATE these behaviors conflict with the customer ‘s interests Do not do anything as it is against the idea. We will clarify all transaction fees and markup as well.

Non Dealing Desk (NDD) + ECN method

FX-MATE, we will offer prices in an environment where we are unable to conduct price actions or refusal to do so at a disadvantage to customers’ offer price from Liquidity Providers (Liquidity Provider).
In addition, there is a possibility that customers may be suspicious, such as the operation of the market, elimination of the use of specific programs, introduction of an unauthorized plug-in, which is contrary to “maximizing customer profit” which is also one of FX-MATE’s philosophy I declare that I will not conduct any operation.

FX-MATE continues to strive for a virtuous circle that enhances customer satisfaction by providing fair and highly transparent service, maximizing customer’s profit, and managing based on this policy I will.