License / Transaction safety

Our safety standard far exceeding the world standard

FX-MATE is proud of our strong culture on regulation and compliance. Client fund security is very important.
In order to use our service with peace of mind for our customers, we have set up service management policies and asset management (hereinafter referred to as “service management policy”) centered on “funds safety”, “transaction safety”, “service transparency and fairness” We have formulated provisions and we administer them in compliance with them. As a position to take care of valuable funds from customers, we will continue to provide services that boast high soundness after a sufficient management system.



FX – MATE (Bank of Earth Ltd) is regulated by the enterprise zone of Gambia. (Registration number 5016699)
The company is legally obliged to comply with all GAMBIA laws and regulations.

About the safety of customers’ funds (Fund security)

FX-MATE (Bank of Earth) manages assets held by customers separately from the assets owned by the Company, based on the provisions of GAMBIA and further higher level of management rules of our company. Therefore, even if our company collapsed, your assets will be refunded according to the funds refund policy.

(1) Method of classifying customer assets

Our company, funds of all account types (“Standard Account / Pro Account)” deposited from customers are entrusted to the trust account which is the trust maintenance destination once, and it is distinguished from funds of our company It is managed.
(In the case of a credit card settlement agency company or other collection agency, once deposited in our company corporate account, we will deposit the amount of funds deposited by the customer in the trust account.)


(2) Authority of sorting funds

When drawing funds separately stored in trust banks, they are managed by the following authorities and approvers.

Permission to Withdraw Normal time Time of failure
Corporate AccountCorporate Account Our Accounting Team Our Compliance Team
Corporate AccountSegregated Account Acceptance of Customers in Account Name Company Accounting Team Audit (Third Party) Organization Customer’s compliance audit (third party) organization

An audit (third party) organization is an external organization composed of the Company’s financial auditing institution, accountant, and attorney. In the unlikely event that our company fails, we can withdraw these funds with the authority of “Customer’s acceptance as account holder” and “Organizational consent”. In that case, the audit mechanism becomes a temporary trustee, and the individual funds of the customer will be refunded.

Our Compliance Team
  • Trust protection will be the full amount of funds deposited directly from the customer.
    (Investment gains related to investment income and unsettled will not be subject to compensation.)
  • At the time of supplementation by any chance, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded under the name of the Audit Organization.
Effective August 31, 2015, we conducted an accounting audit based on International Standard on related service (ISRS) 4400 “Contract for agreed procedure on financial information”.

About the safety of your transaction (Trading safety)

FX – MATE has established guidelines for the safety of its own transaction so that customers will not lose funds due to excessive investment. With these mechanisms, customers will be protected from major losses.

(1) Margin call / Loss cut

We have established the following loss warnings and transaction stop guidelines for “Standard Account” and “Pro Account”.

  • Margin call (margin call) If the margin maintenance rate on MT 4 falls below 120%, you will be alerted (warning) from the trading tool and you will not be able to place a new order.
  • Loss cut If the margin maintenance rate on MetaTrader 4 falls below 100%, it will be automatically settled automatically from the position with the greatest loss.

(2) Zero-cut system (No additional margin)

In the dealings of NDD, the liquidity of the market rises more than imagined, and the position closed order may not be closed at the timing when the order concentrates.
In our irregular situation such as the concentration of market orders, we are implementing zero cut guarantee which does not charge loss exceeding the margin when the set position can not be closed and the margin becomes negative. Margin negative will be resolved within 24 hours and your balance will return to “0”.

(3) Prohibition of conflict of interest

We are prohibiting any transactions that conflict with your interests. For example, we will not conduct reverse trading, engagement transactions, or anything to fake leverage against your order. We will mediate all of your orders to the market to cover.

Transparency and fairness of service

The price FX – MATE offers to customers is guaranteed by our ECN network that it is the most favorable price that is offered from the Interbank market. Specifically, according to the following provision, the customer’s offer price and order are guaranteed.

(1) Guarantee of No Dealing Desk (NDD)

Our dealing desk, we are pleased to inform you that price manipulation and promised refusal of contracts are made at the dealing desk to add a certain commission (spread commission) to the offer price from Liquidity Providers (liquidity provider) There is no need to do.

(2) Publication and expansion of partnering liquidity provider

We disclose all company names of affiliated Liquidity Providers (Liquidity Provider) who are affiliated (to receive price), we keep in mind that highly transparent dealings are carried out.
In addition, we are always looking for partnerships with new financial institutions. This is because it is considered that it is indispensable for expanding cooperation with financial institutions with advantageous time zones and currency pairs by affiliated financial institutions to provide advantageous products to customers.

Liquidity providers


About our management policy

All of the rules and rules provided by FX – MATE are reported to GAMBIA, and we regularly provide financial services through periodic audits of operational status and financial situation with auditing institutions.
We actively incorporate the rules and rules that are considered beneficial to our customers. In addition to this rule, if you have any unclear points in the deal or rules that wish to be introduced, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support from the bottom right support of the screen.