About leverage

Leverage up to 100 times.

Leverage up to 100 times
The biggest appeal of FX trading is that you can operate hundreds of times as much money as you can by using “leverage” on cash on hand (margin).
In FX – MATE, we offer 100 times leverage to cover a wide range of investment forms such as professional traders and auto traders from beginners. Furthermore, with FX – MATE, both personal accounts and corporate accounts provide 100 times leverage and there is no leverage limitation by account type or transaction method.

Benefits of using leverage

FX trading is possible to trade many times more currencies than cash on hand by using “leverage” on cash on hand (margin). By controlling transactions while controlling this leverage, it is possible to gain opportunities to secure a large profit by money-efficient money management.

How to calculate leverage

The cash on hand (margin) 100,000 yen with 100 times the leverage, when trading with the US dollar yen, the transaction fee amount is as follows.
(Assuming $ 1 = 100 yen)

100,000 yen × 100 times ÷ 100 yen (dollar/yen rate) = $100,000

leveraged transactions is possible to operate a large amount of cash on hand, so the higher the leverage leveraged, the bigger the asset value of the account will fluctuate even with small market movements I will. With FX – MATE, losses will not increase beyond margin (deposit amount) due to stop loss guarantee and zero cutting method.

Risk in using leverage

In this way, since leverage transactions allow large amounts to be traded to cash on hand (former hand), the higher the leverage, the greater the value of the assets of the account fluctuates even if the exchange rate is small You will be doing.
If the market fluctuates in a direction disadvantageous to the position held by the customer, the position held by the customer may be forcibly settled in order to prevent the loss of the customer.
Leverage can gain great profits with small funds, but at the same time there is the possibility of losing all deposit funds.

Leverage fluctuation due to sudden change in market environment

In the exchange market, unexpected large price fluctuations may occur due to factors such as the economic situation of each country and stock market fluctuations. In the past, the “global financial crisis” derived from the US subprime loan crisis in 2007, the “Lehman shock” in 2008, the Greek crisis that began in 2015, the Greek fiscal deficit, etc. There is.
In the event that extreme volatility in the exchange market and market liquidity is expected to deteriorate due to such global economic circumstances, we temporarily lower leverage of all customers and take measures to protect customers’ funds There is a case to do. In that case, we will carry out after giving some advance notice to the customer by way of contact means such as WEB site or e-mail, so please be aware in advance.