Liquidity No.1

Optimized speed and performance

FX – MATE ensure that your order is accurately and reliably enforced? Is its execution speed stable? We will always strive to stabilize and improve trading environment, such as whether we can secure sufficient contract rate, we will offer the best trading environment to traders around the world.

Global network by Colt

We have adopted the “Colt” data center, which is the most secure among financial infrastructures, mainly in Europe (London), the United States (New York), Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo). We are concentrating the liquidity of the cover and offering the best infrastructure to quickly find out the tightest hotspot instantly and provide it to our customers. With industry-leading security, robustness, power density and efficiency, these systems have made it possible to reduce significant delays (latency).


Colt’s system connects the master server of FX-MATE and the global network and adopts a high-spec computer server system. We provide the highest level trading environment to monitor our engineers 24 hours, 365 days to the transaction packet. This is part of our efforts to provide the best trade environment for customers of FX-MATE, and I believe that it is a natural duty as a service provider aiming for the No. 1 contracted power.